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Astor Flowers shops daily for the freshest, seasonal product for every order from local farms and markets, so each arrangement is  uniquely custom-crafted based on the most beautiful flowers fresh from shipments, appropriate for all occasions.  

We  offer color options so we can build to your preferences, ask to allow for artistic freedom to personalize each bouquet but guarantee all products. We will text you a photo of all orders for approval before sending out for approval.


If you have questions about how we work, or for custom arrangements, please text or call 630-464-3365 or DM us at @astorgifts on Instagram, or leverage our website chat system.

 ** Please note all color options are based on market availability. We will notify you if not available, but you have our promise to build the most beautiful bouquet we can for you and your recipient.

Please text or call 630-464-3365 or use our chat system for product questions and immediate service. 


Seasonal Mini-Arrangement (Changes daily)

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